Having worked with various municipal and educational facilities for over 25 years, Alfonso has first-hand knowledge of issues that plague our schools. His innovations in Facilities Management have improved the quality of building management while reducing the Board of Education Facilities Department’s operating budget. This has led to cleaner, safer, more efficient schools that save their towns millions of dollars annually. Over time, the topic of energy use in our schools has surfaced as one of the most prevalent topics in our ever-aging buildings. This issue led to the co-founding of Conveo Energy. The proprietary energy reduction platform that he has developed has had proven success. This Veology™ program has allowed the City of New Haven to reduce consumption of electricity by over 17 million kWh, saving in excess of $5.3 million in energy costs since the year 2008. This substantial cost avoidance has allowed for a reinvestment of savings into building efficiency upgrades. Alfonso is successfully implementing his energy management program in over 85 schools in Stamford, New Haven and Trumbull.

DAVID CORNETT Managing Partner

David, a co-founder of Conveo Energy, is a respected business leader, skilled in telecommunications, analytics, efficiency and integration services for the K-12 industry. David’s 16 years of experience working with hundreds of school districts across the country has facilitated the savings of over $400 million and counting. As a Managing Partner, David is responsible for driving our firm’s sales and marketing processes, as well as expanding our services nationally. David is a proud graduate of the University of Connecticut, Storrs.