After Conveo Energy has identified and implemented initial no-cost opportunities, the team will provide you with low-cost options for enhanced energy savings. You are on your way to Achieving Energy Excellence!


Preventative Maintenance

Whether it’s servicing your boiler or cleaning and greasing your equipment, Conveo Energy will work with in-house tradesmen and outside vendors to implement preventative measures that will maintain the efficiency and reliability of your equipment.

Emerging Technologies

With the emergence of a number of advanced technologies, sometimes it’s difficult to identify which option is best for you. Conveo Energy will vet these potential opportunities for you and make the most educated recommendations on how new technologies could fit into your customized energy management plan and your budget.

Trend Monitoring & Analysis

The energy team will monitor your electrical usage for you, assess trends and identify where adjustments need to be made to keep your school running as efficiently as possible.

Demand Response/Load Shed Management

As your energy partners, Conveo Energy will survey your operations and determine a sequence as to which pieces of your equipment can be cycled on and off, to reduce overall consumption. Then, in return for turning off these pieces of equipment during peak consumption times, you’ll receive a direct payment from the utility company for every kilowatt of reduction during each “load shed” event.