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With Scientologists in the western United States clamoring for a Congress in their own locales, L. Ron Hubbard convened a “Western Congress” in Phoenix. But, as L. Ron Hubbard said, in seeking full application to others, his task was then to undercut the current level of Man. Those milestones, those giant leaps, are precisely what are found in Mr. Hubbard’s Congress Lectures. When it comes to “being there with Ron,” there is. The highlight of the March L. Ron Hubbard birthday event was the announcement by Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center (RTC), of the full restoration and release of the LRH Clearing Congress films. The Clearing Congress had been recorded in.

For this is the Congress that signaled the advance of technology to a breadth of uses across all dynamics and all human problems—from personal to global. Here, then, is the Congress that launched the next decade, and set the whole of Scientology towards Operating Thetan. It all followed from the very definition of. ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN MIND CONGRESS. With new breakthroughs in place to reach any case, L. Ron Hubbard was ready to “throw the switch” on.

SUCCESS CONGRESS. Here is the Congress which provided the final chapter on all development to date and the beginning of an entirely new era! For with all. FREEDOM CONGRESS. While only a few months since his previous Congress, this next one just couldn't wait. L. Ron Hubbard called it the Freedom Congress. Congress Lectures is the audio lectures, produced by Bridge Publications, Inc as 18 CD-audio sets in Historically, Scientology and Dianetic Congresses. The Clearing Congress is being sold on record, tape, CD since and just last year was reproduced as DVD with transcript and glossaries. It is sold online for. Culminating five years of steady advance, the Founding Church of Scientology had just been established in Washington, DC. Summoning Scientologists to the.

As a fitting finale to the Scientology Congresses, L. Ron Hubbard's last came right from Here, then, is L. Ron Hubbard's final Congress and the road map to a . Beyond is the epic view of Scientology—past, present and future. with a monumental look to the past, by the time this Congress was over, it was the creation of. Here is the Congress where L. Ron Hubbard unveiled Procedure 30, comprising This, then, is the Congress that bridges from theta potentials in Scientology. Scientology has existed in Australia since the early s. The number of adherents varies And in April the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International held the First Australian Scientology Congress in Prahran, Victoria, over.

First International Congress of Dianeticists & Scientologists. Compact Disc See More · Clearing Congress (6 Filmed lectures on DVD, 3 lectures on CD). FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF DIANETICISTS & SCIENTOLOGISTS. A letter from L. Ron Hubbard told how the technology had reached miracle level: . CLEARING CONGRESS. Invitations said it all—“We did it!” Here, then, is the state of Clear: its dimensions, freedoms and characteristics. Nowhere is it so. ABILITY CONGRESS. Attendees were greeted with a handwritten note, “Hello Congress! Neither you nor the field will ever be the same again after this one.


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